Saturday, July 21, 2012

First Grade in your near future?

Here is a link that lists the expectations for first grade readiness.  More grade levels to follow.

First Grade Expectations

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Are you ready for kindergarten?

Is your child entering kindergarten this fall?  Is he/she prepared?  Here is a blog that provides a list of tasks and concepts that will better prepare your child for kindergarten.  If your child is unable to complete some of the tasks on the list, it does not mean your child will fail.  These are suggestions to help your help because the kindergarten curriculum can be strenuous at times.  Parents who have not had the kindergarten experience for many years will be surprised how much material is covered.  After reading the list, feel free to ask questions about the list or comment on your thoughts.  If you notice something is missing, add it to the blog.  Do you believe this is a lot of material for such young kids?  Are you surprised or not by the rigor of the curriculum in kindergarten?  Are we pushing to hard or not enough?  Do you want your child to be challenged more or less?

71 Things Your Child Needs to Know before Kindergarten

Monday, July 16, 2012

Do standardized tests measure teacher or school accountability?

I know a lot of teachers.  Not one of them believes it is fair to base teacher or school accountability on standardized test scores.  I recently read this article and I loved the author's quote which stated,

"Defining accountability in terms of a quantitative measure
- a number - is actually an elaborate hoax perpetrated by the leadership to avoid being accountable.

Do you agree with this statement?  Why or why not?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

What would parents like to really say to teachers?

I recently read this article and I believe there is much truth to the author's message.  Now, it's your turn.  Can other teachers identify with this issue?  Do parents identify with this issue?

What is this all about?

The purpose of this blog is to increase communication between parents and teachers.  Your child does not have to be a student in my class, but any parent.  I want this to serve as a reference point to help teachers and parents have better relationships.  In order to prepare children for the best life possible, it takes a village to raise them.  This adage is true and the heads of the village are parents and teachers.  I hope this can serve both parties well leading to positive results in our children.

Each day, I will provide a topic of discussion in order to iniate communication between parents and teachers and vice versa.  In addtion, this blog can be used as a discussion forum if you have questions for me as a teacher or a parent.  If I cannot answer your question, I will direct you to someone who can or another reader may post an answer.  I will also provide links to other resourceful blogs, wikis, news articles, and other tools parents and teachers may deem useful.