Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Are you ready for kindergarten?

Is your child entering kindergarten this fall?  Is he/she prepared?  Here is a blog that provides a list of tasks and concepts that will better prepare your child for kindergarten.  If your child is unable to complete some of the tasks on the list, it does not mean your child will fail.  These are suggestions to help your help because the kindergarten curriculum can be strenuous at times.  Parents who have not had the kindergarten experience for many years will be surprised how much material is covered.  After reading the list, feel free to ask questions about the list or comment on your thoughts.  If you notice something is missing, add it to the blog.  Do you believe this is a lot of material for such young kids?  Are you surprised or not by the rigor of the curriculum in kindergarten?  Are we pushing to hard or not enough?  Do you want your child to be challenged more or less?

71 Things Your Child Needs to Know before Kindergarten


  1. Wow! I read through your responses and there were a lot of mixed attitudes toward your list. As a first grade teacher, I feel this is a very valid list. Great blog.

  2. Awesome blog!! I printed the list to have as my three year olds near Kindergarten.

  3. I wish I had this for my daughter when she went to K4 and K5. She is headed to first grade in public school this year and I can still use this information!

  4. As a high school teacher, I am finding that getting student's prepared for kindergarten is more and more important.


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